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CANTON, Ohio – Officer Ryan Davis, the partner of the late K-9 officer Jethro, wanted to find the author of a letter sent to him in the wake of Jethro’s death.

Jethro was shot multiple times Jan. 9 during a shootout with a breaking and entering suspect. He died the next day.

Davis had been going through the thousands of letters he’d received since then, but there was one that especially touched his heart.

An 11-year-old girl named Allison wrote Davis saying that she was very sorry about Jethro. And she sent her allowance along to help pay for a bulletproof vest.

Davis wanted to thank Allison, but her original letter was removed from its envelope, so he doesn’t have her contact information. He asked his police department friends to help.  A number of police departments and organizations shared the information:

Allison and her mom were identified, and they will be in contact with Davis soon.

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