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HAMILTON, Ohio (WJW) — Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones is offering to help celebrities leave the United States if President Donald Trump is re-elected.

According to a press release shared on Facebook on Tuesday, Sheriff Jones is willing to contribute money towards a one-way ticket for any celebrity that would like to leave the country.

“Hell, I’ll even help them pack,” the sheriff added.

This comes after several celebrities, including Bruce Springsteen and Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, recently announced that they plan to flee to the U.S. if Trump wins the 2020 presidential election.

Sheriff Jones argues that four years ago, after Trump won the 2016 election, many celebrities threatened to leave the country. However, it is believed that not a single celebrity left the country at that time.

“These are mostly the same people who don’t like police, that don’t like first responders,” the sheriff said in a video he shared defending his position on this issue. “I hope you do leave.”

He says the celebrities that do not want to live in the U.S. should choose another country and then move there.

“Maybe you can make a better life there in that country,” said Sheriff Jones.

Sheriff Jones gained internet fame last month when he issued a warning for anyone who might open fire on his officers, saying, “you shoot at the police, expect us to shoot back.”

Jones said he wouldn’t tolerate behavior similar to what had been occurring in New York, Portland and Chicago in the Buckeye State.

“I will not allow my deputies or any law enforcement officer in Butler County to take the abuse I have seen over the past several months,” he said in September.

He also made headlines in July for a post about Ohio’s statewide coronavirus mask mandate.

“I am not the mask police,” the sheriff said at the time.