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CLEVELAND– It’s being called the exercise test that can predict your death.  A physician in Brazil used something called the sit/rise test to show his aging patients the risk of losing strength and flexibility. The study found strength and balance are pretty good indicators of longevity.

Dr. Marc Gillinov, a Cleveland Clinic cardiologist, said the sit/rise test is a simple way to measure your overall health. “This is what we call an observation study, which means it’s not of highest level of medical evidence, but I believe it to be true; I believe it makes sense. If you are in better physical shape, you are in overall better health.”

Here’s how it works:

  • You get 5 points for sitting and another 5 points for standing without any support
  • Subtract 1 point each time you use a hand, forearm, knee or side of the leg
  • Lose a half point if you lose your balance


  • 8-10 points= GREAT
  • 6-7.5= GOOD
  • 3.5-5.5= FAIR
  • 0-3= POOR (You’re 6.5 times more likely to die than those those who scored high.)

According to the study, the more you improve your score, the better your mortality rate.

We asked several of our FOX 8 anchors to try it. Some struggled with it; others did great.

**Watch the video above to see how they did; and check out all the outtakes below**

Dr. Marc said the greatest indicator of longevity is how old you are right now, and.. “This is just another piece of data, something you can test all by yourself at home to get an idea of, am I healthy?  Am I in good shape?”

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