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Oh, the joys of a new baby: the coos, the sighs, the cuddles, and the cries.

“I don’t think anyone can prepare you for how hard it is in the beginning,” said Lauren Guren of Cleveland Heights.

Lauren and her husband Zach spent many sleepless nights trying to get her now 1-year-old son Miles to sleep.

“All that exhaustion really adds up.  Everyone would always say take a nap but I couldn’t nap during the day so that didn’t work out for me.  My breaking point at the beginning was probably week two and a half,” said Guren.

When Miles was 10 weeks old, the Gurens turned to CLE Baby out of Broadview Heights for help.

“They guarantee your child will sleep through the night at the end of the 72 hours, which is a real thing.  He slept through the night by the second night,” said Lauren.

“We have a 100 percent success rate in our sleep training right now,” said Ashley Sova, founder.

CLE Baby is a full-service pregnancy, birth, and parenting agency that specializes in doula services and sleep training.

“That’s the biggest complaint, you talk to any new parent they say I am so tired.  And that leeches into every aspect of your life,” said Sova.

However, it’s not cheap.

It costs upwards of $3500 dollars to hire a sleep coach.

“I am there for 72 hours straight, I basically live in your house,” said Lauren Proffitt, sleep coach with CLE Baby.

Proffitt spends time observing the baby and the parents first.  She says consistency is key.

“The reason we do at-home is every child is different.   I come up with an outline of things for them to follow, along with guidelines, and then we have continuous support for 4 weeks after I leave to ensure it works,” said Proffitt.

Lauren and Zach say Miles still sleeps through the night, almost a year later.

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