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SOUTH WALES — A mother in the U.K. is warning other parents after she says her 4-year-old daughter contracted a life-threatening condition after trying on shoes without wearing socks.

In a Facebook post, Jodie Thomas wrote:

“For all parents please put socks on you’re [sic] children while trying new shoes on. I’m guilty not doing it for mine and myself, but this can be the outcome infection spreading throughout the body. You don’t don’t know whos [sic] feet has been in them before hand!!  …. Who would thought trying new shoes on could make somone [sic]  so ill. So with back to school shopping under way, carry a pair of spare socks!”

Thomas told The Sun her daughter started crying in agony a day after they went to get new shoes.

The Sun reports the little girl was diagnosed with sepsis. Doctors reportedly think she may have had a cut or something on her foot that allowed the bacteria from the shoes to get in.

Sienna spent five days in the hospital and is now being monitored at home.
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