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OHIO — Check your fridge if you eat yogurt. Meijer announced a recall of certain Greek and low-fat yogurt products.

The voluntary recall is a precautionary measure due to the potential risk of small glass particles.

Meijer says it became aware of the issue when a customer returned a yogurt cup containing two small pieces of glass; it notes there have been no illnesses, or injuries and the hazard risk to customers is considered low.

The product was sold at Meijer stores in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Wisconsin.

The following products with an expiration date of 3/8/2018 are being recalled:

UPC UPC Description
7-08820-12657-2 Meijer Greek Yogurt 0% Black Cherry 5.3 oz.
7-08820-41513-3 Meijer Yogurt Low-fat Blueberry 6 oz.
7-60236-11601-1 Meijer Greek Yogurt 0% Plain 5.3 oz.
7-60236-11603-5 Meijer Greek Yogurt 0% Vanilla 5.3 oz.
7-60236-12418-4 Meijer Greek Yogurt 0% Strawberry 5.3 oz.
7-60236-12431-3 Meijer Greek Yogurt 0% Blueberry 5.3 oz.

According to the FDA, customers who have purchased one of the recalled products should throw it away or return it to the nearest Meijer store for a refund.

Anyone with questions regarding the recall should contact Meijer at 800-543-3704, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The FDA says anyone with questions or concerns about their health should contact their doctor.

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