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TWINSBURG, Ohio — As the holidays approach with all of the high calorie meals, many ”belts” begin to cry.

But what if a person could lose the fat while relaxing in their home?

A new product based on an old concept claims to melt inches from a person’s body with little to no effort.

It’s called a Fat Wrap and it’s produced by the company It Works.

The wraps are made of a thin tissue paper-like substance with a secret herbal gel-like goo inside.

Users wrap them on their stomachs, arms, legs and buttocks and leave them in place for an hour. Once the wrap is removed, the person is supposed to see a reduction in inches.

“What it does is absorb and it pushes the toxins out and you drink a lot of water to flush those toxins out over the next three days,” said Chelsea Thayer, an It Works Independent Distributor.

Chelsea not only sells the It Works products, but she also uses them. “I actually was a customer first,” said Chelsea. “I lost a pound a day every day for 3 days.”

She says, the Fat Wraps used to be sold exclusively in luxury spas for $300 a treatment, but now the wraps can be purchased for 4 for $59.

Recently a young mom named Char Denholm tried the product at a Wrap & Lose house party.

Char and about 12 close friends all applied the wraps to their trouble spots and after an hour Char says all but one person saw noticeable results.

Char said, “I went from losing ¼ of an inch on the first night to 1 ¾ off both thighs and my stomach went to 2 ½ inches.”

On the company’s website, there are numerous before and after photos from happy customers.

The company also sells nutritional supplements on the web.

The top-selling products include “Thermofit,” which contains raspberry ketones and a hot pepper blend that is supposed to burn calories. There is also a “Fatfighter,” which is a fat and carbohydrate inhibitor.

“It forms a coating and eliminates the fat and carbs naturally,” said Chelsea.

It sounds amazing but some doctors aren’t so sure.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Director of the Cosmetic Surgery Institute, Dr. Mark Foglietti says because the products are “Cosmeceuticals” and “Supplements” they’re not required to meet FDA approval. “I’ve never seen a medical publication scientific study or clinical trial that’s respected by physicians that substantiates any of these claims,” said Dr. Foglietti.

Dr. Foglietti, who has patents on several surgical procedures and is known worldwide for his techniques, also worries about people applying the wraps/dressings at home without any medical supervision.

Since it appears the wraps’ results are a function of dehydration and compression. “Anything you apply to your skin will be absorbed and when you apply occlusive dressing this increases the absorption so there is a concern when your absorbing any type of medication,” said Dr. Foglietti.

Dr. Foglietti says the only way to lose fat is through diet and exercise or liposuction.

However, It Works users aren’t being swayed. They say they’ll keep wrapping the fat until they reach their goals. “I would say don’t be skeptical until you’ve tried it,” said Char.