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LYNDHURST, Ohio —  As the Brush High girl’s soccer team kicked off against Akron North at Korb Field Thursday night, a foundation in honor of 17-year-old Alec Kornet also kicked off in the stands.

“He did everything the right way. He worked hard.  He was not the biggest kid, not the strongest kid, but he had the biggest heart,” said Scott Kornet, father.

Kornet passed away suddenly back in February after he collapsed during hockey practice.
“Alec passed away from Sudden Cardiac Arrest. They said he had an enlarged heart.  We had no idea; he never had symptoms of it,” said Stephanie Kornet, mother.

Shortly after he passed, Alec’s parents formed the 4Alec Foundation, which is dedicated to raising awareness to undetected heart disease and Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

“I would say the best way to describe it is it’s a roller coaster of emotions. There’s a lot of highs, lows,” said Stephanie.

Stephanie says some days are good. Some days are not.

But this foundation is helping the Kornet family heal by helping others.

“Our goal right now is starting with our district, to be able to provide EKGs at the high school, junior high level for athletes and then broaden out,” said Stephanie.

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