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SEATTLE, Wash. — Doctors at a hospital in Seattle were able to save the life of a baby just as he ran out of time.

KCPQ reports that last summer, the Seay family, who is from Alaska, learned that baby Lincoln had a rare birth defect causing his organs to grow on the opposite side of his body.

He underwent his first surgery just 10 hours after he was born. The surgery was supposed to fix the problem, but eventually his heart began to fail.

He was placed on a list for a transplant, and the family knew it could take up to 90 days for a heart to become available.

“It was tough because we knew Lincoln was facing an uphill battle. The last two days it’s fair to say that I kind of fell apart a little bit. You just feel this despair and emptiness, you know, like time’s up and my son is on his last leg,” said Rob Seay, Lincoln’s father.

But a heart became available right as Lincoln started to run out of time.

“They took him back for surgery at 3 a.m., and they were prepping him and his donor heart was en route and he went into cardiac arrest on the table. They were doing chest compressions and, from what I understand, it wasn’t getting him anywhere and so because the heart was en route they went ahead and opened his chest and the surgeon reached in and hand-compressed his heart until the new heart arrived. So, when we say he was out of time, he was literally out of time,” said Mindy Seay, Lincoln’s mother.

Now, Lincoln is recovering. Doctors say his prognosis looks good, but he does face some challenges as he recovers from the transplant.

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