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AKRON, Ohio — Five-year-old Madison Wallace is asking for your help in locating her dog, Buddy.

Madison went as far as posting a tearful video on social media in hopes that somebody can help.

“If you find Buddy, please bring him home,” she says in the video.

Buddy is the Wallace’s family dog; he’s a Pit Bull mix.

“He’s a white dog and he has brownness right by his eyes and ears,” Madison told FOX 8 News on Friday.

Buddy disappeared from the Wallace family’s backyard on Monday night.

“He is very, very special to us. We never picked him; it’s like he picked us,” said Madison’s mom, Laura. “He’s our child; he is our fifth child and we need him back in our house.”

“He’s not just the dog; he’s our family,” said Matt Wallace, Madison’s dad.

Matt found Buddy 7 months ago roaming the streets in Akron. The Wallace family looked for the dog’s owners but never found them so they decided to keep him.

“He was skin and bones, beat up, banged up, in the middle of an intersection,” Laura said.

Madison is handing out fliers in hopes somebody knows of Buddy’s whereabouts, the family is even offering a reward for his return.

“Can you please bring him back home?” Madison asked on Friday.

Christine Fatheree, the Director of Animal Control at the Summit County Animal Control Facility, said if you see Buddy or any stray dog, be careful how you approach the animal.

“Be cautious with any animal that is a stray because you’re not aware of the way the dog will react to anyone,” Fatheree said.

Every afternoon the Wallace family comes to the Summit County Control center looking for Buddy, but so far their search has come up empty handed.

“She talked to all the puppies and she was pretty upset that we didn’t find Buddy today,” said Laura. “We’re just going to keep looking.”

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