CLEVELAND (WJW) — A simple video on TikTok has caused a frenzy at the 81st Street Deli on Cleveland’s east side.

All it took was one short clip about their beloved chicken salad to get people from all over the country lining up at the door for a taste. The original video has 11 million views and counting.

It’s even gotten attention from stars like Lizzo and Tia Mowry.

The star of that video, Tanisha Godfrey, visited Fox 8 News Friday.

“It’s different. It just happened overnight. I literally just went in, just got off of work. I was hungry, I asked them, ‘could I get a salad’, and we did a TikTok,” she said.

She said the deli posted the video, and it exploded from there. Now, she hopes to do similar videos at other Cleveland-area restaurants.

“What I hope to do,” she said, “I want to just go to different restaurants in Cleveland, around my neighborhood. I did one yesterday, Momo’s on 185th, and went live and was tasting the food, and it was awesome. I had like 30,000 people watching.”

For more on her story, watch the video above.