CLEVELAND (WJW) — Cleveland police are looking into why someone decided to fire several gunshots into a funeral home.

The business is owned by Cuyahoga County Council President Pernel Jones Jr., who called the incident “frustrating.”

“We have to make sure our employees are safe, that my family is safe,” said Jones. 

Cleveland police received a call for this incident on Monday morning.

Investigators eventually found that about a dozen bullets struck the front of Jones’ funeral home. To make matters worse, one of Jones’ employees was inside the building when the shooting happened.

“The employee is doing fine. We sat and talked about working with the police to find out what happened and just work to make sure this is a safe environment for us,” said Jones. 

Right now, police don’t know who was behind the shooting and what their motivation might have been.

Jones said his family doesn’t have surveillance cameras, but he hopes eventually this person or people are caught.

“This is personal for us. This happened to us, and we want to make sure that we are safe.”