CLEVELAND (WJW) – Students across the country are standing up to act against gun violence on the National Day of Concern about young people.

In Cleveland more than 2,100 students in area schools took the pledge against gun violence Wednesday, a national effort led by leaders like Yvonne Pointer.

“I lost a daughter at 14 years old; she was on her way to school, and she was murdered,” Pointer said. “So, every time I get to come into these schools, I’m grateful.”

Pointer spoke to every student from 4th to 8th grade at the Hannah Gibbons-Nottingham School in Cleveland. Every year 19,000 children or teens are shot or killed, according to research by Every Town for Gun Safety.

“We saw the number of students raise their hands,” Pointer said. “Almost every student in this school that was in this assembly has been affected by gun violence. So, I think they get the impression that we do care because we do.”

Several students also presented speeches and poems on the topic, adding more meaning to the message.

“For kids to know they’re not alone and that other people are going through the same thing as them,” Eighth grader Bryson Chapman said. “And it feels like it really hit them.” 

“Our community should be helping each other, not killing each other,” Sixth grader Mason Peacock said.

Pointer just hopes it sticks.

“The mothers have to close the lids on those caskets,” she said. “We’re trying to stop the violence. Put the guns down.”

If you are interested in learning more about the pledge, click here.