BROOKLYN, Ohio (WJW) – Firefighters remained at the scene of a fire at the Hampton Inn Wednesday evening as crews doused hotspots in a collapsed section of the hotel’s roof.

The fire first broke out between the top floor ceiling and roof of the Brooklyn hotel, off of Tiedeman Road, around 9 a.m., according to investigators. The cause remained under investigation.

Everyone escaped the hotel without injury, but it took firefighters nearly five hours to get the flames under control as high winds fueled the fire across the building’s roof, according to Parma Fire Department Public Information Officer T.J. Martin.

“It’s actually pushing the fire away from our hose lines and we’re unable to get a significant amount of water onto the fire to put it out,” Martin said.

Martin said more than 120 firefighters from about 10 departments responded.

He said the hotel was at full capacity through the weekend, with many guests in town for the NBA All-Star Game.

Several guests said they thought the fire alarm was a false alarm. Others said they saw smoke in a stairwell and entering rooms.  Flames were soon visible from the top of the hotel.

“They asked us to evacuate and I was thinking it was probably a quick alarm,” said Kent Huyser, who was there on a business trip from Kansas City.

Huyser said he was eating breakfast in the lobby area when he was asked to evacuate, leaving behind all of his belongings in his top floor room that appeared to be heavily damaged in the fire.

“All my stuff is up there: my ID, my suits, iPad, whole bunch of stuff,” Huyser said.

Huyser, who had been scheduled to fly out Wednesday, was unsure what his next steps were or where he would stay.

“Trying to figure out next steps and possibly where to stay tonight if I have to stick around,” he said.

Joshua Theodat said he was in town from New York City with All-Star Game sponsor Hennessy.

“My first time waking up in Cleveland, to a fire,” he said.

Theodat said promotional items for weekend events left in a fourth floor room were likely ruined.

“We all got out,” Theodat said. “I don’t want to sound cliche, but it’s just material things.”

The city of Brooklyn transported some guests to the city’s community center, and the city and hotel were working to find alternate accommodations for stranded guests, Martin said.

He said guests will need to work with the fire department and hotel to try to recover belongings, which will likely not be possible until at least Thursday.