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DOYLESTOWN, Ohio — A Doylestown man says his prosthetic leg and a family of guardian angels helped save his life after he went overboard during a fishing trip.

Adam Shannon says he was fishing on Dohner Lake near his home Monday evening when a portion of his boat broke, sending him into the water.

Shannon’s prosthetic leg came off as he went into the lake and about 14 feet of water. The 45-year-old was able to use his prosthetic as a flotation device when it got trapped in his pants and filled with air.

Shannon got the prosthetic after being hit by a drunk driver about one year ago, according to Wayne County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Doug Hunter.

Hunter shared Shannon’s story on the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

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“He then reaches for his cell phone, but it’s been in the water, too, and calls 911,” said Hunter. “Miraculously enough, he’s able to call 911, and the operators are able to triangulate his location.”

Shannon said he’d been struggling for at least 10 minutes.

“I was pretty worried, pretty tired,” said Shannon.

While on the phone with 911, Shannon was also shouting. That caught the attention of a family who was celebrating a birthday at a home on the lake.

“I heard somebody yell ‘help me,'” said teen Emily Krause, who then ran into the house and grabbed her binoculars.

After realizing what was happening, her dad and brother got their boat and grabbed the life jackets.

“I’m calling my guardian angels,” said Shannon. “I heard a voice behind me. I never saw them coming, say ‘hey buddy we’re coming, we’re going to help you’.”

The Krauses were able to pull Shannon from the water.

Hunter credits the family, along with Shannon’s quick thinking, for his safe rescue.