CLEVELAND (WJW) — The recent addition of bike lanes to a busy thoroughfare on Cleveland’s near west side is raising safety concerns to a local bike advocacy group.

Bike Cleveland recently sounded the alarm about a new, green highlighted bike lane going over the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge. After a short distance, the lane drops riders into a shared lane with often speeding cars, leading cyclists down a dangerous path.

“It’s dangerous going with traffic across the bridge,” said cyclist Terry Craig. “Cars go much too fast. The sidewalk is much safer.”

Bike Cleveland says there has always been a safe way to travel over the bridge and was confused about why the new bike lane was needed. The group suggests riders carefully navigate to the left lane and wait for the green light to cross the street. Then, it suggests, riders can use the separated pathway on the north side of the bridge, across four lanes of traffic.

“Pay attention to where the bike lanes go and advocate to their elected officials the need for more protective bike lanes,” said Courtney Aishpaugh.

Tyler Sinclair, the city’s communications strategist, issued a statement in response to the group’s concerns saying there are “a few final steps” to be completed in the coming days that will help address those concerns.

The city reportedly will soon be installing signs to help warn bikers that the bike lane merges with car traffic. Buffer bike lanes, Fox 8 is told, will also be installed on Lorain Avenue between West 25th Street and the bridge.

The entire statement is as follows:

“Improving the city’s multimodal transportation networks is a priority for the Administration, so much so that during a routine resurfacing project on Lorain Avenue from W. 20th to W. 25th we took the extra step to add protected bike lanes – which previously did not exist.  While the project is near completion, we have a few final steps that will be completed in the coming days, which includes adding additional wayfinding signage that directs cyclists to the north side of the bridge – the preferred and encouraged route for those riding east into Downtown.  The City appreciates feedback from riders and will continue to take it into account to improve bicycle connection across Cleveland.”