WEST YELLOWSTONE, Montana (WJW) – A grizzly bear blamed for multiple attacks, including one death, was euthanized after another incident.

According to the Montana Fish and Wildlife Department, the grizzly and its cub broke into a home Saturday morning through the kitchen window and stole a container of dog food.

The bear was euthanized as it posed an “immediate danger” to the public. The cub was captured.

Authorities from Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, said the 10-year-old grizzly that was put down had killed a hiker in July. The bear was also implicated in a 2020 encounter in Idaho that injured one person.

Both encounters with people were believed to have been defensive responses by the bear, officials said.

Wildlife officials say attempts to trap the bear after the fatal attack in July were unsuccessful.

The cub that was captured is a 46-pound male. He is being examined at a wildlife rehabilitation center and is being transferred to a zoo.