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CLEVELAND (WJW) — Sunday was a tough day for Cleveland Browns fans. Another week of mistakes that keep adding up.

After committing four turnovers and getting crushed in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game at FirstEnergy Stadium, Cleveland fell hard to the New England Patriots 38-15.

Former Browns running back Greg Pruitt stopped by the FOX 8 studios to give his thoughts on the tough loss and what the Browns need to do to salvage the season.

Pruitt said it’s important to know your opponent each week.

“(Bill) Belichick comes in. He’s a great coach,” Pruitt said. “You know he’s going to come in with a great plan to stop the run. But what he probably didn’t have in his plan, us helping him to stop the run. Nobody stopped our running game, but us.”

He said at one point he was surprised to see what was and what wasn’t on the field.

“I’m waiting for us to start this running attack and I look up and there’s an empty back field, ‘Where’s Chubb? Where’s Hunt?’ they’re on the sidelines. And we throw two passes; one to the other team.”

Pruitt said too much pressure is put on QB Jacoby Brissett and he’s “too inconsistent with his accuracy.”

He said the season isn’t over but the team has a tough schedule ahead of them.

“These teams coming in here are going to look at the film today and they’re going to find out where the team that we just played were successful,” he said. “You’re going to keep seeing it over and over.”

Eleven games remain in the season. He said if we win 6 of them then add the two we already have, that’s enough to get us into the playoffs, especially thanks to the struggling division.

“You’re gonna have to beat Baltimore. You’re gonna have to beat Cincinnati,” he said.