NORWALK, Ohio (WJW) — The Norwalk City School District could be the next school to start drug testing at its middle and high schools.

Kyle Prueter, the president of Great Lakes Biomedical, said he doesn’t have a lengthy pitch for why drug testing in schools is a must-have. To him, it’s simple.

“It’s just one reason and one way to help keep them safe,” Prueter said.

If you ask Prueter why he feels so strongly about his company’s impact, he’ll point out that 150 schools in Ohio and Michigan work with them to provide drug testing.

“We have been around since the mid to late 90s, so we’ve been doing this a long time and we have it down to pretty much a science,” Prueter said. 

Prueter is now hoping to work in partnership with his 151st school district.  

Norwalk schools recently heard his pitch to add their drug and alcohol tests at their middle and high school. 

“If they are like most schools, it’s football, chess club, parking passes. Things that are considered a privilege” Prueter explained. 

Prueter said he understands there will be parents against the idea of drug testing on school grounds. 

But he said their statistics show drug and alcohol use has gotten out of hand nationwide, estimating that nearly 60 percent of high school students have already tried some type of drugs or alcohol. 

“You hear talk from students saying, ‘Oh yeah, nowadays with vaping in particular, you can do it at pretty much any time, and no one sees it,'” Prueter said.

Prueter hopes that drug testing is schools is just one more reason not to use drugs and alcohol. 

That’s Prueter’s pitch for why he thinks his company would be a great fit at Norwalk schools and beyond. 

“Kids are spending more time at school than they do at home, so the reality is, it’s where it is happening,” Prueter said.