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Editor’s Note: The video above is about how Akron is preparing for a grand jury decision.

Jayland Walker

AKRON, Ohio (WJW) – A grand jury hearing testimony in the Jayland Walker case is expected to return next week, sources tell the Fox 8 I-Team.

The grand jury is expected to continue working Friday afternoon and return to work Monday. 

Since grand jury proceedings are secret, it is not known how much longer they will be going over the case or when a decision may be reached. 

The I-Team also learned that the eight officers who fired the shots are not expected to testify in front of the grand jury, but other officers who were at the scene will appear. 

The officers have maintained that Walker, 25, set the deadly incident into motion when he fled after they tried to pull him over for a broken taillight in June 2022.

Officers say Walker fired a shot from his car and appeared to be reaching for something as they chased him on foot. The medical examiner concluded that Walker was struck 46 times in the hail of gunfire.