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AUSTIN, Texas (WJW) — The governor of Texas has signed legislation that allows the permitless carrying of firearms in the state.

According to the Texas Legislature, House Bill 1927 passed in both the House and Senate last month. Governor Greg Abbott signed the bill into law this week.

The new law allows Texans over the age of 21 to carry a firearm without any license or training. 

Under the new law, individuals with a misdemeanor or felony conviction for unlawfully carrying a firearm will have those convictions expunged from their record. Someone convicted for felony unlawful carrying of a weapon will be able to own a firearm again once their conviction is expunged.

The law also states that a peace officer can disarm a person any time they believe it is necessary for safety reasons. This provision was reportedly called for by law enforcement advocates after many voiced opposition to HB 1927, the Texas Tribune reports. Several law enforcement officials allegedly expressed concern that the law could endanger officers and civilians, as well as make it easier for criminals to acquire weapons.

You can read House Bill 1927 in its entirety, below:

Gov. Greg Abbott has openly expressed his support of the measure throughout the legislative process. The newspaper reports that Abbott declared HB 1927 as “the strongest Second Amendment legislation in Texas history.”

HB 1927 goes into effect on September 1, 2021.