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Governor says surge in Ohio’s coronavirus cases isn’t coming from bars and restaurants

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW) – Gov. Mike DeWine is warning people across Ohio about an increase in the spread of coronavirus cases across the state.

DeWine shared Thursday that the state’s positivity rate has increased to 3.9%.

That’s a jump from our lowest positivity rate of 2.5%.

“I am deeply concerned,” he said.

The governor said the cases are coming from laxed social distancing, people who are not wearing masks, and people who are ignoring quarantine and isolation orders.

He says most of the cases are from church, after school activities, backyard barbecues, funeral, and weddings.

“We need to adjust our routines,” he said.

One place where there hasn’t been a surge in cases is Ohio’s bars and restaurants.

Those businesses were closed for dine-in in March and reopened in May under capacity limits and many changes.

Gov. DeWine also signed an order limiting alcohol sales to 10 p.m.

Now, the last call order is being reviewed as the governor considers potentially allowing sales after 10 p.m. once again.

The governor was expected to have a call with the Ohio Restaurant Association Thursday to talk about that time limit.

“We’re trying to weigh the balance,” DeWine said.

In Northeast Ohio he talked about where the cases are coming from in the community.

In Portage County, many of the cases, he said, are from Kent State University and spreading in the community.

He referenced 18 cases, including secondary spread, connected to a wedding in Mahoning County.

He says the other increase in new cases has come from two funerals and a birthday party.

In Trumbull County DeWine said 22 coronavirus cases are connected to a school sports team.

The spread has affected coaches, parents, and other students as well.

“I am deeply concerned.”

The State of Ohio reported 1,539 new coronavirus cases Thursday afternoon.

There are 164,262 coronavirus cases in the state.

Ohio has seen nearly 5,000 deaths from the virus.