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TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Mamie Walker is sick and tired of the government abruptly cutting off her social security benefits, leaving her unable to pay her rent and buy food. She said it’s all because of a mistake no one can explain.

Walker hasn’t received benefits for the past two months. She received a letter from the U.S. Social Security Administration saying she owes over $237,000 in “overpayments” and won’t receive benefits again until September, 2034. She would be 100 years old.

“You know I ain’t got that kind of money, baby,” Walker said. “If I did I wouldn’t be calling you about this.”

Walker said she’s terrified about how she’ll pay her bills and her landlord is already tacking on late fees.

“My kids don’t have nothing to try to help me, so I’m just down in a hole,” Walker said.

This is the second time Walker contacted Better Call Behnken for help after her social security benefits were cut. In 2019, the government claimed Walker owed over $200,000 in old student loan debt. Walker, who never went to college, had no idea what that was about.

Back then, a Social Security Administration representative vowed to Investigator Shannon Behnken that they would investigate. Walker’s benefits were then restored and there’s been no problem, until now.

Walker’s son, Morrison Walker, said he’s fed up and worried about his mother.

“She worked all her life for her social security money to come in, and now they’re taking it from her,” he said.

A Social Security Administration representative said this would be investigated again and they’ll try to assist Walker in getting her benefits back.