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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW) – State Representative John Becker (R-Union Township, Clermont County) announced Monday that he has drafted ten articles of impeachment against Governor Mike DeWine.

Rep. Becker says the governor has violated the Ohio and United States Constitutions in a press release.

He says the governor’s statewide mask mandate is “offensive, degrading, humiliating, and insulting.”

Becker claims the governor “meddled” in the presidential primary election and takes issue with the essential business order that took place in the spring, as well as mandating masks for school-age children.

“Living in fear, many have turned to drugs and yes, even suicide, to end or tolerate the unbearable pain inflicted by the governor upon their livelihoods, and the damage caused by his unraveling of the fabric of Ohio. It is long past time to put an end to government gone wild,” Becker said in a statement.

Becker says impeachment is the only option.

He does not say if he has the support of any other representatives.

According to the press release, articles of impeachment cannot be vetoed, and require a majority (50 votes) in the Ohio House of Representatives and then a two-thirds majority (22 votes) in the Ohio Senate for conviction and removal from office.

Governor DeWine’s Press Secretary Dan Tierney released a statement to FOX 8 saying, “Governor DeWine is focused on saving lives during the pandemic. He is focused on helping the economy and getting Ohioans back to work. That is what he is focused on. Not this.”