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CLEVELAND– Ohio Gov. John Kasich was at Case Western Reserve University on Monday.

Kasich discussed state budget proposals that he says will drive innovation in the state of Ohio.

Aspects of the proposed budget include creating a chief innovation officer position and establishing the Ohio Institute of Technology. It also mentions moving state government computer systems into the cloud, protecting infrastructure from cyber security threats and better serving residents with developmental disabilities.

Kasich’s budget puts heavy influence on transportation manufacturing.

“The Kasich Administration is committed to embracing the future with new investments and forward-looking policies to ensure that Ohio maintains its leadership position with smart mobility and other emerging technologies – ready to benefit from the business investments and jobs that follow,” the governor’s office said.

“By being one of the first – and best positioned – states to embrace new technologies for drones, autonomous and connected vehicle technology, data analytics and other industries of the future, Ohio can also be among the first to benefit.”