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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW) — Governor Mike DeWine signed an executive order this week that will help protect those who can’t go back to their job safely due to COVID-19.

“When an employee is called back to work in the same position as prior to the Director of Health’s special orders, there is a presumption that the position is considered ‘suitable work’ under the Ohio Unemployment Insurance program,” the order states.

Any employee who chooses not to return to work without a good cause in order to receive additional unemployment benefits may have their eligibility “negative impacted.”

The following are considered “good cause” under the order:

  • If a medical professional deems them “high risk” for contracting COVID-19.
  • The employee is 65 years or older.
  • Tangible evidence of a health and safety violation by the employer.
  • Potential exposure to COVID-19 and subject to a prescribed quarantine period by a medical professional. 
  • Staying home to care for a family member who has COVID-19 or prescribed to a quarantine period by a medical professional.

Ohio Department of Job and Family Services launched a new website for employers to report employees who refuse to work to stay on unemployment.

With many businesses now back open, the agency wants to know who may no longer be eligible for unemployment.

The executive order was signed on June 16 and is now in effect.