BEACHWOOD, Ohio (WJW) — Dr. Yvonne Pointer never thought her life would move on.

“Every day, you are living through that trauma,” she said.

In December of 1984, 14-year-old Gloria Pointer was kidnapped and murdered on her way to school.

Four decades later, it’s Gloria’s mom who continues to share this traumatic story to help others.

“I didn’t know in 1984 how I was going to survive. I actually spent a lot of time looking for a person to do what I’m doing. Only to find out I was the person I was looking for,” explained Pointer. 

14-year-old Gloria Pointer. Photo courtesy Pointer family

Her work continues this weekend, during an annual conference meant to help those who have been impacted by violent crimes. 

“To show there is life after death. You may have been victimized, you may have been traumatized but there is some good that can come out of it,” added Dr. Pointer. 

Tonya Godwin-Baines said she is living proof of that message.

Tonya’s father was murdered in Cleveland on Facebook Live, in 2017.

Her family turned to Dr. Pointer for guidance in the aftermath and learned the power of speaking out.

“He was much more than the few seconds that he was murdered in front of the whole world. So just gotta tell your story,” said Godwin-Baines.

Dr. Pointer doesn’t have a day go by without one constant thought: “I think about Gloria every single day of my life,” she said.,

This weekend is just the latest example of Dr. Pointer’s life long dedication to make sure the next meeting with her daughter, goes like this:

“I look forward to the day that I transition and see her again. I think she’ll be their waiting saying “well done, we’ll done,” explained Dr. Pointer.