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MEDINA COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) –  The mystery surrounding the identity of a good Samaritan in Medina County has now been solved. That woman helped save the life of a motorcyclist after he was struck by a car.

The victim was bleeding profusely from injuries sustained in the near-fatal collision at the intersection of Route 18 and Yost Road in Litchfield.

The accident happened just before 8 a.m. Thursday. The car veered into traffic, nearly hitting the bike head on.

“There was a vehicle that was trying to stop Westbound, turn up Yost Road another car did not see them stop apparently decided to take the oncoming lane and it was a near head on collision,” Litchfield firefighter and EMT John Smith said.

Skid marks remain at the scene where Smith says a woman was passing by in her vehicle and stopped to help, using a makeshift tourniquet made out of elastic on the severed leg of the biker, who was identified as 58-year-old Mark Kisilewicz, of Seville.

Family members told FOX 8 that the former firefighter and EMT was on his way to work in IT and has just taken his bike out of storage.

A Medina County Sheriff’s Lieutenant arrived on scene moments later, adding a combat tourniquet and time was of the essence.

Kisilewicz was alert when life-flighted to Metro, where he remains hospitalized with a fractured wrist, fractured hip and mid-left femur leg amputation.

“He could’ve bled out completely in that time and this could’ve been a whole different outcome,” Smith says.

Kisilewicz is now recovering from surgery and facing more surgical procedures.

Again, that good Samaritan has been identified and plans for her to meet the man she saved are now underway.

It’s still not known if the woman had any special training to know how to use the tourniquet.

But just like CPR, first responders say it’s something everyone should learn how to do.