LORAIN, Ohio (WJW) — Flood victims who were being evicted received some good news Friday.

More than a dozen tenants at Oak Hills West Apartments in Lorain had received eviction notices following severe and damaging flooding in late August.

One of them spoke with FOX 8 News Thursday and made this tearful plea to management.

“Please somehow, some way like, I’m willing to put my stuff in storage so you can fix my apartment and let me come home. I have nowhere to go,” said Della Van Antwerp.

Van Antwerp had tried but was unable to find another apartment and was supposed to be moved out by Sept. 30.

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“I called apartment complexes. Most places don’t have anything for a year or they’re three times the rent. I can’t afford that,” said Van Antwerp. “I’m probably going to be living in my car.”

Della made the heartfelt plea on behalf of herself and all of her friends and neighbors who were also facing eviction, because they’re apartments too were deemed uninhabitable.

But then Friday morning she received tremendous news.

Although managers didn’t respond to FOX 8’s requests for comments they had seen the story, and were moved by the resident’s plight.

“I found out that I get to stay in my apartment,” said Van Antwerp. “We all get to stay.”

Although it could slow down repairs and take some juggling United Property Management, listed on the eviction notices and the on location property managers said they want to work with residents.

“I don’t think that they realized how hard it was out here to find apartments and management worked their magic and Vivian, our apartment manager here, worked her magic and we all get to stay,” said Van Antwerp.

She says all of her neighbors are relieved and thankful. And Friday she delivered a message on their behalf and from her heart.

“I am so grateful for them right now,” said Van Antwerp. “Thank you, thank you for hearing us thank you for helping us!”