CLEVELAND (WJW) – From down and out to viral video sensation! 

A local Cleveland man overcomes adversity to become a successful businessman and social media influencer, one “tow” at a time.

He goes by 1_Eben on Instagram but is better known as “The Tow G.O.A.T.” because he is so fast towing vehicles and especially repos.

While most vehicle tows can take 15-20 minutes, it’s 15-20 seconds for Eben.

“Like my first video I just posted because I got a new camera and it got 70,000 views in an hour and the next video got over a million,” said Eben.

Now almost every video goes viral with millions of views because he not only shares his work, but also funny skits and intense runs.

“Like it gets crazy,” said Eben, “The (one) car got bullet holes in it, dents in it, you be like oh my God what the?!”

This Fox 8 exclusive shows how Cleveland’s Repo Man survived hard times and even a prison stint to become a family man, entrepreneur and inspiration to others, while always maintaining his tremendous sense of humor and humanity.

“Like no matter what you’re going through, just keep going like don’t stop,” said Eben, who also has a new series launching at the end of November on YouTube, “Like I can’t explain how grateful and how blessed I feel honestly.”