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PINELLAS COUNTY, Florida (WFLA) — Deputies said a 74-year-old man playing golf at a country club in Oldsmar, Florida drowned in a pond while looking for his golf ball.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office responded to the East Lake Woodlands Country Club after reports of missing 74-year-old Hermilo Jazmines.

Jazmines was last seen looking for his golf ball near the green of hole three at the golf course.

When deputies arrived, they found Jazmines’ golf cart parked on the cart path and his putter lying on the ground near a pond.

After searching the nearby wooded area, deputies and firefighters began searching the edge of the pond. They eventually called on the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office dive team who found Jazmines submerged in the water.

Jazmines was pronounced deceased on the scene.

Investigators believe the man may have fallen into the water while searching for his ball and drowned.