COLUMBIA STATION, Ohio (WJW) — Day after day, Packages and mail are delivered to Joe Hama’s Columbia Station home. Greeting the delivery driver every time, the family’s three French bulldogs. 

“Now that we are empty nesters, the dogs are a big part of our life. They are almost like your children, starting over again,” said Hama. 

A typical delivery to the house goes like this: the driver drops off the package, the three dogs might get a pet on the way out, and the driver moves on to the next delivery.

“In fact, we had an old delivery driver, before he left [retired], he came and said goodbye to the dogs,” added Hama. 

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But this past week, a much different scenario played out.

Hama says after a delivery driver dropped a package off, he was then chased back into his car by one of Hama’s dogs. 

Instead of driving away, Hama believes this driver drove forward in an attempt to hit his dogs.  

“He’s going for the dogs. My heart just sunk. Thinking my dog is going to be destroyed,” explained Hama. 

Hama called the driver’s response to the situation ridiculous.

“To find that someone had the rage and not be able to control themselves because they were in a safe situation … there was then no need to cause damage,” said Hama. 

Hama’s message to the driver and the company he works for: “Own up, own up to what you did.”