WADSWORTH, Ohio (WJW) — With snow piling up through the night of Jan. 17 to Jan. 18, police officers across Northeast Ohio were responding to numerous calls of people stuck in the elements.

“Even though you know something like that is coming it doesn’t change the fact that that much snow was falling at that rate so it created really treacherous conditions for motorists, the officers, EMS,” said Wadsworth Police Chief Dan Chafin.

Wadsworth officers working the night shift spent much of their shift physically helping to push people out of the snow.

At 3 a.m., Kim Bahle said she needed to get her husband, who was seriously ill, to a nearby hospital.

“The roads were terrible. The snow was up to my knees,” said Bahle, who told FOX 8 News she was worried about getting stuck after stopping at the one intersection she had to navigate to get to the closest hospital.

“I tried for about a half an hour myself to get myself out and it wasn’t happening and he seemed to be getting worse so I called 911 to ask them to at least come get him,” Bahle said.

Wadsworth Sgt. Seth Petit was the first on the scene.

“It actually made me feel better knowing that there was someone else there. The snow plows came by, there was about four of them that came by, and cleared off the snow,” Bahle said.

“Officer Petit came by and said the ambulance would be there soon. As the snow plows went by, every other one told me that help was on the way. They rolled down the windows to tell me that help was on its way,” she said.

Police body cameras showed Petit shoveling to help free Bahle’s car while other officers responded.

“They grabbed the snow shovels and so did the snowplow people and they cleared a path out for me. The police officers got behind my car, pushed me out so I could join my husband at the hospital instead of leaving me trying to figure out what to do worrying about him at the hospital.”

“They do good work as patrol officers but they are also really good people and so when they see an issue they want to attack it they want to help and that’s just what they did,” Chafin said.

“I think as a testament to the officers. As the chief I didn’t even realize it had happened. To them it’s just another night. It’s helping out people. It’s just what they do,” he added.

Chafin says the entire evening was a team effort, calling the plow drivers the “unsung heroes.”

A grateful Bahle, whose mother had just passed away, thanked the police chief in person on Monday for the efforts of his officers that evening helping care for her and her husband.

“Thank you so much for going above and beyond and getting my husband to the hospital. I don’t know what his condition would have been if we would have been stuck in the snow without any help,” she said. “I had prayed to God to send me some help and I really didn’t expect to see it so I really do appreciate everything you guys did.”