ASHTABULA, Ohio (WJW) — The lake effect snow is altering travel plans for people driving through Ashtabula County.

Interstate 90 is a highly traveled route from Northeast Ohio to upstate New York. Right now, portions of the highway are closed from Erie, Pennsylvania, to the New York state line.

The truck stops were full along I-90 in Ashtabula County Friday night. Drivers were forced to find alternate routes after more than a foot of lake effect snow fell over the past few days.

“It was one lane. Fifteen miles back there was a semi in the road when you come down a hill,” said truck driver Adam Clough.

According to the Ohio Department of Transportation, there is a portion of I-90 in Lake County near the Ashtabula County line that has a variable speed limit that changes when the weather gets bad.

“If you don’t have to be on the roads this weekend, stay home,” said Brent Kovacs, ODOT spokesperson.

But for some truck drivers, that’s not an option.

“The first storms are always the scariest because everyone is scared. You are timid, your reactions are too fast. What you want to do in ice or snow is go slow,” said Clough.