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MEDINA TOWNSHIP, Ohio — The driver who was shot and killed after a police chase ended on Interstate 71 in Medina Township Tuesday morning wasn’t in his vehicle alone.

Family members of Roy Dale Evans Jr. said he was in the car with his girlfriend and three children during the chase, which happened early Tuesday morning.

According to a press release, officers attempted to stop the vehicle for a traffic violation on Pearl Road in Strongsville around 2:26 a.m. The driver didn’t comply, and a police pursuit followed. It ended a short time later on Interstate 71.

The release said a Strongsville officer fired at least one shot, killing the driver.

Evans’ family was extremely emotional Tuesday morning, but they were also upset because they say he didn’t deserve to die. They claim there were no weapons or drugs in the car.

Amanda Pauley, Evans’ girlfriend of 10 years, told Fox 8’s Jessica Dill that she, Roy and their three children were coming home from a carpeting job before the chase began.

She said Roy has a criminal past, and he didn’t have a license. So when the officer tried to pull him over, he fled because he didn’t want to go back to jail.

Pauley said she tried to get Roy to pull over and even called his parents, who tried to get him to pull over. But he wouldn’t. Once stop sticks were thrown out, she said, the van crashed.

That’s when Pauley said a police officer came up to the car and shot Roy twice in the chest.

“Our car spun out…a police car hit one side, then another, then we came to a stop,” she said. “They just shot him in the chest, they just shot him. They didn’t say anything, they just shot him…two times in the chest.”

Police and investigators have released very few details about what they say happened during the chase and shooting.

They have also not yet officially released the driver’s identity.

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