BRUNSWICK, Ohio (WJW) — She’s a bundle of adorable and the sweetest little girl you’ll meet today. Two-year-old Scout likes to show you her bright pink pet unicorn, her little buddy.

Scout loves to talk and loves to play, but for the past year she’s spent a lot of time in a hospital bed instead of getting a chance to be outside.

“She’s the light of our life but she’s battling cancer right now. She’s the best,” Scout’s mom Autumn Yatson said.

Scout is in the middle of treatment for lymphoblastic leukemia, which has a long road of chemo and doctor visits ahead, at least two more years to be exact. There are times she won’t always be able to play with other kids because of the chemo, but that doesn’t mean she won’t have a place to play.

And that’s where the Roc Solid Foundation comes in. Founder Eric Newman says their goal to build hope for every child and family fighting pediatric cancer and they do that by giving them a chance to play. The foundation is building 30 playsets in 30 days around the U.S., because being able to play goes a long way in the fight a child faces against cancer.

“One thing you don’t have to teach a human being is to play and that’s the first thing taken from a child with pediatric cancer. Now play defeats cancer. It doesn’t cure it, but because if we can allow these families to forget about cancer for just one second, we’ve done our job,” Newman said.

And the work is quick. The goal was to put up this playset with slides swings and ladders up in two hours. To do that you need a group of folks who don’t mind working through a very muddy and rainy day all just to see a little girl smile.

The crew from Kaulig Giving says this is the type of project that makes them the happiest, a child is getting a chance to play again.

Everyone who worked on the project wrote a message of encouragement to Scout and her family as she continues her fight.

“For her to have her own place at home for her to get her energy out and be a kid it’s priceless.” Autumn said.

Head here for more information about Roc Solid Foundation or Kaulig Giving.