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NOVELTY, Ohio– A group of Girl Scouts celebrated “National Reading Day” on Monday at the Geauga Humane Society’s Rescue Village.

Girl Scout Troop 90543 in Aurora went to the animal shelter to read to homeless pets and even held a book drive so there would be plenty of reading material at Rescue Village.

The 11 children curled up with a good book, and cats, dogs and bunnies. This not only helps improve reading skills for kids, but socializes the animals.

“One shelter dog, who was stressed in his kennel, immediately stopped barking when one of the girls sat down to read to him. A shelter cat curled up with its paired reader and sat by her side purring softly for the entire book,” the animal shelter said in a news release on Tuesday.

If you’re interested in reading to shelter animals, please call 440-338-4819 Ext. 49.