FAIRFAX, Va. (WJW) – The Elon University Women’s Lacrosse team warmed up for match day by helping push their bus unstuck on February 22.

Video recorded by Assistant Women’s Lacrosse Coach at Elon University Taylor Caskey shows members of the team pushing on a large, grey bus stuck in the mud.

Together, the team can be seen using a wedge device under one of the tires. They were eventually able to push the bus free of the mud.

“Never underestimate the power of Lacrosse girls who are hungry,” Caskey captioned the clip.

Commenters on TikTok celebrated the effort, with one writing “Girl power, that’s awesome” and another “We are women, hear us roar.”

Loud cheers can be heard throughout the video, rooting for the woman as they pushed the bus free!