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LONGWOOD, Florida – A 12-year-old Florida girl was arrested and is facing battery charges after she pinched a boy’s butt at school.

According to WKMG, Breana Evans said that pinching classmates is a game students at her school often play. She thought what she did was a joke.

“I regret it because I didn’t know it would lead to this,” Evans said. “I feel like it’s just stupid, just a stupid charge that shouldn’t have to happen.”

The boy told the school resource officer he didn’t want to press any charges and Evans was suspended.

But a few days later, the boy’s mother called police and said she wanted to press charges.

“Lord lord lordy what has this world come to — kids can’t even be a kid and that’s basically what it is — she’s 12-years-old, she was acting like a 12-year-old child,” said Breana’s father.

Evans was taken to a juvenile detention facility and if she completes a diversion program, does community service and passes drug tests, the charge will be dismissed.