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EUCLID, Ohio — Some unusual house guests have overstayed their welcome on Cleveland’s east side.

Last fall, FOX 8 News profiled Dianne Carlisle, who claimed to have ghosts living inside her Euclid home.

According to Dianne, her granddaughter snapped a picture of the spirits having an intimate affair.  “It look like ghosts having sex in my living room,” exclaimed Dianne in 2011.

Several months have passed and Dianne doesn’t doubt her ghostly visitors, even though the sex seems to have stopped.  “Not with them, or me! No,” said Dianne, who skyrocketed to fame following the afterlife affair she discussed on FOX 8.  Even some of her closest friends have experienced a close encounter in the house.

“I’ve been down here watching TV and I would think, what I’m hearing in the kitchen is my youngest daughter running the water,” said Dianne’s friend Ebony Waller, who also lives in the home.  “One time, I heard someone set a cup down on the counter.  So, I went in there – cause I thought it was maybe one of my children sneaking snacks – and I got in there and there was no one.”

“We had a lot of experiences since you’ve been gone,” said Dianne, which is why FOX 8 arranged for her to meet someone who claims to have an ability to contact spirits.

“They need human energy to keep going, there’s a lot of activity in this house,” said Mary Ann Winkowski.  Winkowski is a paranormal investigator from Northeast Ohio who is known around the world.  She recently visited Dianne’s suburban home where she detected multiple spirits.

“First of all, an earthbound spirit is the type of spirit that I can see and talk to, not the one’s that crossed over and went to heaven,” said Winkowski.  “You have a woman here, her name is Marilyn. When she died she was 39-years-old, she is still 39-years-old.”

Mary Ann’s analysis continued with an unsettling twist.  “Now, there is a man spirit here and I have to tell you, he is not a very nice man.  This is very strange.  He died in prison.”

On the day FOX 8 visited, Winkowski detected two spirits in the house but they didn’t stay for long.  Mary Ann claims she can send restless spirits into the light and Dianne agreed to let them go.  “She said ‘thank you’ for letting her go,” said Mary Ann.

While the two ghosts were in the same house, Mary Ann said there was no indication they were the two Dianne claimed got intimate in her living room.  “Well, it could’ve been him and another woman, it wasn’t this one,” said Mary Ann.  “But who knows over the course of a year, two years, five years, who’s been in and out of this house.”

“Well, I’m hoping that – that – the spirits that she lead to the light, that they find peace,” said Dianne.  She’s also hoping for peace and quiet at home, unless you’re a ghost who can keep it clean.  “I ain’t got nothing else to do, you can hang out with me!”

During the arranged meeting between Dianne and Mary Ann, Mary Ann revealed some personal information about Dianne’s connection to the man and woman who she detected inside the house.  Dianne recently contacted FOX 8 to say the information has been verified as true, but some ghostly activity continues inside her house.

Mary Ann Winkowski has written books on her work as a paranormal investigator and worked as a consultant on the CBS television show, “Ghost Whisperer”.  For more information, visit