CLEVELAND (WJW) — General Motors is laying off 139 more workers at the Parma Metal Center, as thousands of workers walked out to strike at the plant in Arlington, Texas, on Tuesday.

The layoffs take effect Wednesday. This is in addition to the 137 layoffs at the Parma plant amid strikes at GM assembly plants in Missouri and Michigan.

Dan Schwartz represents the United Auto Workers Union for Parma’s GM plant. He shared his reaction to this most recent layoff.

“Nobody wants to deal with a layoff. Nobody wants to go through this, but we know we are in it for the long haul.” Schwartz said.

For now, Schwartz said the rest of their workers will continue conducting business as usual.

“I can’t say this enough and I have said this several times. I am so proud of them,” Schwartz said.

In a statement released to Fox 8 News, GM confirmed the employees are going to be laid off, “Due to no work available, as the plant stamps critical parts for Arlington.”

“We have said repeatedly that nobody wins in a strike, and that effects go well beyond our employees on the plant floor and negatively impact our customers, suppliers and the communities where we do business, such as Parma,” the statement said, in part. “What is happening to our team members in all six plants is a clear demonstration of that fact. We will continue to bargain in good faith with the union to reach an agreement as quickly as possible.”