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**In the video, above, see our I-Team report on Linndale traffic cameras**

GATES MILLS, Ohio (WJW) – The village of Gates Mills is considering a program to add speed cameras to one of its busy roadways.

According to Police Chief Gregg Minichello, council members are considering an automated traffic program for Mayfield Road (US 322).

Village leaders discussed the proposal during a meeting Tuesday evening.

Minichello said about 15,000 to 18,000 cars travel on Mayfield Road every day. While the speed limit is 45 mph, the chief said data is showing 1,300 cars traveling at least 60 mph.

“Our concern is not regular traffic, but highest speeds and most egregious violators,” Minichello said.

The chief said it’s dangerous for officers to stop vehicles along Mayfield during peak rush hour times because there are no shoulders and limited pull-offs to make stops.

“When a car is stopped, one lane of traffic is blocked, which poses additional safety risks to officers and other drivers. It also snarls traffic when a lane is blocked,” Minichello said.

The consideration comes at a time of increased complaints about speeders on Mayfield.

Minichello also said the cameras will free up patrolling officers to focus more on neighborhoods. He said their police department doesn’t have the manpower to spend the time needed on Mayfield to enforce speeding.

The public meeting will be available on YouTube on Friday.