CLEVELAND (WJW) — Since mid-June, the gas prices in Ohio that are seeing a 47-cent drop statewide are showing up with glimmers of hope at pumps around the Greater Cleveland area.

One gas station on Cleveland’s west side has even dipped to well below $4.

FOX 8’s Patty Harken spotted $3.89 at the Gas USA at W.117th and Bellaire along with some more tumbling gas prices around town.

AAA says the dip in the national average occurred despite a slight rise in demand, likely due to robust Independence Day holiday travel, according to a press release.

“Usually, more people buying gas would lead to higher pump prices,” said Andrew Gross, AAA spokesperson. “But the price for oil, the main ingredient in gasoline, has fallen and is hovering around $100 a barrel. Less expensive oil usually means less expensive gas.”