AURORA, Ohio (WJW) –  Aurora police are investigating after a local shopper became a victim of an alleged gang.

Police believe the thieves that targeted a shopper in a local grocery store on May 5 are part of a gang that goes “state to state” looking to rip people off.

“It looks similar to the Felony Lane Gang,” said Aurora police detective Chris Cruise.  “They travel around a lot. They work a certain area, and then move out and then work a different area and keep moving which makes it more difficult for law enforcement to locate them.”

Cruise said one suspect distracted the shopper by asking for help, while the second suspect held a tray over the purse to shield her hand, as she grabbed the woman’s wallet right out of the purse. She then took off, followed by a third suspect.

“You could see the one suspect that actually did the theft that took the wallet out of the purse, she had a cart she was pushing around,” Cruise said.  “But they didn’t come there with any intention to buy anything at all, she abandoned the cart.”

The detective noted that by the time the woman discovered her wallet had been stolen, she started receiving alerts on her phone that her credit cards were used at a nearby box store to purchase hundreds of dollars in gift cards.

So far, no arrests have been made but Aurora police detectives tell the I-Team they are continuing to investigate.

Police want to remind everyone when they go shopping to keep a close eye on your purse and wallet.

Anyone with information on the theft or the suspects is asked to call Aurora police as soon as possible at (330)562-8181.