VERMILION, Ohio (WJW) — The Vermilion Local School District is starting the new school year by unveiling a new cutting edge security system. 

The enhanced 911 system allows authorities to pinpoint exactly where an emergency call is being placed on campus.

Assistant Superintendent Wes Weaver told FOX 8, “the game changer aspect of this is it just cuts down on the amount of time that it takes because you can direct somebody right to the threat and give them information they didn’t have before.”

If there is an active shooter, the system, called 911 Inform, enables administrators to immediately activate a number of security measures, starting with strobe lights and speakers to announce an immediate lockdown.

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The system also allows administrators and police dispatchers to remotely lock or unlock any door in the building, and access surveillance cameras positioned around the campus. While sending officers to the school, dispatchers will be able to track the movements of an intruder in real time.

Vermilion Police Communications Supervisor Kate Lulovics told Fox 8, “I can follow that shooter, in a matter of seconds, I can know where he is and rather than an officer making entry into the wrong side of the building, I can let my officers know that he’s on the west side of the building near door 11 or wherever it may be.”

The state-of-the-art technology was purchased by the district for nearly $600,000, with the lion’s share being covered by a grant from the state of Ohio.

“Knowing the capabilities of the system, once we saw it, it wasn’t a matter of if or how much, it was ‘we’re going to do it,’” said Weaver.