CLEVELAND (WJW) – The City of Cleveland is evaluating the future of Burke Lakefront Airport.

They’re conducting an economic development analysis to determine whether closing it would be more economical by using the land in various ways.

“We will ask the consultant to consider a range of impact, such as jobs, tax benefits, property value, and business revenue,” said Cleveland’s Chief Integrated Development Officer Jeff Epstein. “This will give us a clear understanding of the airport’s economic benefit as well as how other potential uses of the land might benefit the City.” 

Burke primarily serves as a hub for private flights, charters and flying lessons.

It’s also the location where SkyFOX departs daily for Cleveland traffic reports and breaking news.

According to Burke, the location served 22,590 customers in 2019, the most recent year the data was reported.

It has served as a location for campaign stops, most recently hosting then democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden days before the 2020 election.

According to the City, the analysis will consider a range of options for alternate development of the airport, from a 445-acre park to mixed-use development at maximum density.  

“By conducting a thorough economic impact analysis we can make data-informed, thoughtful decisions to ensure best use of our lakefront property,” said Mayor Justin Bibb.

The City is also looking at redeveloping the North Coast Lakefront, the area used for the 2021 NFL Draft that was held in Cleveland.