(WJW) – It would be quite a surprise to learn that you’ve been misspelling your birth name for years without knowing it.

Thanks to a typo, that’s essentially what happened to Gabrielle Mayor, now 24, when she went in to get her driver’s permit nine years ago.

During a recent interview with Today.com, Mayor said the DMV was struggling to find her name in their records.

“The guy asks for my social security number and I give it to him. He puts it in the computer, and he’s like, ‘I’m not seeing a Gabrielle Mayor,” Mayor told Today.com.

Instead, the worker said they found a “Babrielle Mayor” on file. This brought back a memory for her mother, Ellyn Mayor.

It turns out that Ellyn was loaded up on medications to help with the late pregnancy. She told Today.com that she was shaking so badly that her “G” must have looked like a “B.”

“After I got the birth certificate in the mail, I immediately fixed it, but for some reason I didn’t think about the social security card until I took Gabby for her learner’s permit,” she said.

The whole ordeal is something they can laugh about now.

Mayor even opened up about her situation in a TikTok video last week, which reads, “thinking about how my parents made a typo on my birth certificate and I didn’t find out until age 15 that my real name is actually Babrielle.”

But a quick check of the comment section proves that Mayor is far from alone in this.

“My name was aslhey instead of ashley for 20 years,” one commenter wrote.

“My mom always spelled her name Darlene but her birth certificate spells Darline… never knew til she was 71 yrs old,” another said.

“My nephew is supposed to be named Cameron BUT his birth certificate says Carmon,” said a third.