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(WDAF/NEXSTAR) – Choco Taco fans were devastated earlier this week when Klondike announced it planned to stop selling the novelty ice cream product.

While some are scrambling to get their hands on just one more frozen summer treat, others are hoping to make some money off Klondike’s decision to discontinue the ice cream truck mainstay.

One woman, from Kansas City, Missouri, posted an ad on Airtasker. She said she would pay $150 for one of the final boxes of Choco Tacos around. They must be unopened and unmelted, and she’d also like “a box of tissues so we can cry” over the demise of the Choco Taco.

If you haven’t heard of Airtasker, it’s a website that allows people to post everyday tasks or chores. Other members then bid to complete the task and are paid for the job.

Bids have already been made on the job, with one person vowing to secure a box, “even if it takes running around the city. If there’s any left in KC, I’ll find them.”

Meantime, on auction sites like eBay, prices of Choco Tacos have reached dizzying highs.

As of Thursday, there were multiple listings of $1,000 or more for between two and 6 Choco Tacos, none of which were in their original box. For the lofty price, dry ice will be included to keep them frozen, the sellers advertised.

One listing hoped to excite the imagination with the description: “Sealed Klondike Choco Taco Shipped with Dry Ice – frozen GOLD.”

While there didn’t appear to be much interest at those valuations, a box of 22 garnered multiple bids and was already at $232.50 with seven days remaining in the auction.

While some held out hope that the loss of the Choco Taco might just be a mean-spirited publicity stunt, Klondike appears to be holding firm despite outside efforts to intervene.

The multi-millionaire co-founder of Reddit offered to buy the rights to Choco Taco, while Democratic Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy suggested using the Defense Production Act to ensure the frozen treat’s survival.

On Thursday, Klondike tweeted:

I want to address the rumors: I’m really being discontinued, it’s not a PR stunt. I knew you loved me, but not THIS much. While I reflect on this outpouring of support, we are discussing next steps, including what to do with the last 912 (we counted) tacos at HQ. Stay tuned…

Choco Taco prices soar on resale market