(NEXSTAR) – There’s a special connection between grandparents and their grandkids made only stronger with each wink, hug, present, and surreptitious candy slipped into a small hand.

When it comes to nicknames that children develop for their grandparents a new survey by Preply found that popularity varies by state. The dive into Americans’ terms of endearment for their grandparents comes in anticipation of national Grandparent’s Day, on Sunday, Sept. 10.

One grandchild’s beloved “Nana” in Nevada may have been referred to as “Bubbe” if they lived in New Jersey, for instance. When it comes to the overall most popular nicknames, excluding just “Grandma” and “Grandpa,” the survey found that “Nana” and “Papa” dominate.

When it comes to affectionate terms for grandmothers, “Nana” was the most popular in 12 states, followed by a three-way tie for second by “Grammy, “Granny” and “Gran.” “Abuela,” Spanish for grandmother, tied with the formal “Grandmother” and “Mamaw” for third place.

When it comes to grandfathers, “Papa” was tops in 13 states, followed by “Granddad” and “Pop-pop.”

The August survey of 1,500 Americans across all 50 states also found that a whopping 44% said their maternal grandmother was their favorite, followed by their paternal grandmother at 23%. Fifteen percent said it was their maternal grandfather, followed by 11% for their paternal grandfather and another 7% who chose “other.”

The history of National Grandparents’ Day dates back to 1978, when President Jimmy Carter signed legislation making the first Sunday after Labor Day a holiday to honor Nana and Papa (in some states, of course).

Find more information about the survey’s results and methodology here.