HURON, Ohio (WJW) — Twins Jacob and Cameron Meadows, 18, spent most of their life in and out of hospitals and in search of kidney donors.

Their plea was even shared with the world more than four years ago on a billboard in hopes someone would answer their prayer.

“I was just trying to get attention,” said the twins’ mother Beth Meadows. “Jacob had a three percent chance of finding a good match because his body has built up so many antibodies.”

Born with bilateral renal dysplasia, kidneys that do not develop properly, the twins began dialysis shortly after birth. Meadows said they received kidney transplants at age three only for their health to decline as they grew older.

In 2019, Cameron received his second kidney transplant, but Jacob continued to wait and undergo up to 12 hours of dialysis each day to function. It’s a grind that dragged on until last month.

“Mom started crying on the phone and then I realized, yea, I was getting a transplant I was very happy,” Jacob said.

Continuing to recover back at home in Huron Jacob said he is grateful for his newly gained health.

“I’m not tired all the time,” he said. “I have more energy just feels great.”

Meadows said she is thankful for the public’s support and encouragement on social media over the years as she documented her children’s health struggles and triumphs and now, she has a new prayer for her sons.

“Just continued health, the chance for them to finish high school and move on into adulthood with kidneys that are working for them,” she said.

The boys from the memorable billboard now young men in good health encourage others to become kidney donors.